Direct mail continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools for generating new business. It can also be used to develop an on-going relationship with customers to maximize their loyalty, value and consequently over time, profitability.

In this digital age when everyone is blogging and updating social networks, why consider sending a humble postcard? Because it works! Professional marketers still believe in the power of direct mail and so should you.

Mailing each month creates strong front of mind awareness. The more consistently mailers arrive the better the response will be. It is estimated that a prospect must see a message nine times before they will decide to purchase.

Direct mail should be done as part of the marketing mix alongside e-shots, social media and speaking to your customers directly, to really get your message across.

And if you need convincing further then these statistics speak for themselves.

  • 93% of consumers like getting door drop products, samples, vouchers and offers*
  • 87% of consumers remember door drops, only 35% remember email**
  • 51% of adults think door drops are great for information on local services*
  • 48% of the UK population have responded to a direct mail piece they received in the past year***

* FreshMinds Research for Royal Mail
** Marketing Week
*** Royal Mail

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