Promotional gifts can be great tool to help you to build relationships with your clients. This will help increase customer loyalty that in turn can lead to more sales. So how can promotional gifts work for you?

Promotional gifts really work as a thank-you.
After a customer has ordered, to thank them for their business.

  • On the anniversary of their first order with you, as a reminder that you appreciate their business.
  • On a special date, such as Valentines Day, Easter or Christmas.

Promotional gifts really work as a give away

  • Use them at trade shows. If someone has made the effort to visit your stand, do not let them go away empty handed.
  • Give them to everyone who attends your conferences or meetings. Supplying a pen or pad with your details on will give the attendee something to write with and write on. Once used it is more than likely they will take them away to use again.

Promotional gifts really work as a call to action
To encourage an order. For example order by the end of the week and receive a free XX!
TOP TIP: A thank you is more powerful when the promotional gift is sent separately, rather than in the box with their order. It shows you have gone that extra mile.

What Gift Works Best?
There are thousands of gifts available from the clever to the bizarre. So how do you go about choosing the right promotional gifts to get your message across? Here are some top tips to help you decide.
1. Make them useful
89% of people say they would keep an item if it were useful. *
2. Make it complement your business
Select a gift that is relevant to your business or to your customers. Try a bottle opener if you run a wine shop. Or a sports bottle if you run a gym. How about a mouse mat if you repair computers?
3. What is its perceived value
How much is it worth to the customer, rather than what it costs you. The more valuable your gift is perceived to be, the better the response.

Here at Raphael Design we have lots of great gifts to offer to you. So why not give us a call on 01543 261220. We would love to have a chat with you about your company in order to suggest a range of promotional gifts that would work for you.
*Taken from research conducted by British Promotional Merchandise Association.

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