Many of us have attended a networking event or show with a trusty roller banner stand in tow. And it is fair to say they have served us all well as a cost effective and versatile way to promote our companies. There may have been a few tricky moments getting the pull up graphic clipped into place, though tall people will never understand why this can be an issue. Some stands have been subjected to the dreaded graphic drop down, which is never a good thing. And when it comes to wanting to replace the graphic, this is not really a viable option. So the old stand has to be consigned to land fill and in the waste conscious world we live in, this is not necessarily best practice.

Like all great marketing tools, things evolve, and we are now delighted to introduce the Totem Display Stand. This ‘new kid on the block’ incorporates all the things that are great about the roller baller stand whist addressing the disadvantages.

The Totem has a similar footprint to the roller banner stand so it fits into any display space. It is easy to transport in its neat carry bag. The stand has an easy to assemble tubular frame, suitable for people of all heights to put together! The stand is complete with a fabulous fabric graphic which pulls over the aluminium frame. This has a double-sided print so you can show two separate areas of your business, how useful is that?! And when it comes to replacing the graphic, there is no more landfill required. All you need to do is buy a new fabric cover and off you go again.

So, we think the Totem is going to be the ‘go to’ display stand. During February it is available at the special price of £151* plus VAT (usually £189 plus VAT for double sided print format). So why not give us a call on 01543 261220 to find out more.

To find out more, please click here!

*Special offer price available on orders placed by 28th February 2019. The quoted cost includes delivery to one UK address but excludes artwork and VAT.



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