We are happy to advise we are in a now in a position to fulfil orders for hand sanitiser gel. It contains 69% alcohol and includes Aloe Vera to be kind to hands. *

The product is made to order so there are no stock issues. At present there is a production lead time of 6 weeks based on express delivery option.

We have two possible ordering options for you to consider.


Option One – If you need a lot of bottles!

If you require a minimum of 1000 bottles of hand sanitiser gel, then we can process a bespoke order for you. Select from bottle sizes of 60ml, 100ml, 200ml or 500ml personalised with your own full colour label. Order quantities go up to 50,000 units for this particular option.


Option Two – Potential Group Order.

After some brainstorming, we have realised many of our clients don’t need a big quantity as 1000 units so we’re offering you the chance of ordering as a group which means you can ORDER AS FEW AS 100 UNITS! The group order will be for the 100ml bottle size with a generic label.

If you are interested, we can start grouping your order with other customers until we reach 10 orders of 100 units. If you have any contacts in your network who’d be interested, please forward this blog to them as well – the more the merrier!

For more details and prices on any option on our hand sanitisers, please email or call the Raphael Team on 01543 261220

Stay safe and keep well!

Please note: Special terms and conditions apply to all orders of hand sanitisers.

*Material safety datasheet for the hand sanitisers is available. Click here to request a copy.


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