Hi there!

My name is Leonardo de Signo and I am the silent sales person of Raphael Design. In fact, my boss Clare tells me I am the best and most cost-effective marketing tool Raphael Design has ever had.

Every day I sit on the pavement of Upper St John Street in Lichfield and wave at the motorists and pedestrians that pass me by. I have water resistant posters so can go out in any weather and my base can be weighted down with water or sand so I can stay standing up even if it gets a bit windy!

Throughout the years I have displayed many different posters that promote the services of Raphael Design. From time to time I have even promoted an offer or two! Whatever the topic, each poster follows the design principle of ‘less is more’ and I always have a handy directional arrow pointing to where our offices are. So, anyone interested in design, print, websites, exhibition requirements, gifts or corporate wear can call into the office and find out more.

Of course, the job is not without risk. I have been run down on several occasions by erratic van drives and consequently have had several make overs but overall it is not a bad life.

I am getting excited as very soon I am having new posters that will be promoting the fabulous new corporate wear show room for our sister company RD Apparel, but more to follow about that soon!

In the meantime, if you think your business would have use for a silent sales person just like me, please contact one of the Raphael Team on 01543 261220 or drop us an email.

And don’t forget if you are ever driving down Upper St John Street please remember to give me a wave!


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