Raphael Design is delighted to announce the launch of the Support Lichfield website. Support Lichfield is a place for us to get together, find the best way to support our favourite businesses and initiatives in the locality and do our bit to strengthen our community!

We understand that this is a really tough time for lots of businesses and charities and wanted to do something to help those in the local area. In the current climate many businesses have had to change their business approach. This may include changes to operating hours, what they are selling, how they are offering their goods and services.

The Support Lichfield website enables local companies and enterprises to register details about their company. It is FREE to join and really easy to register. This portal enables companies to tell the local community about what they are up to and how they can be supported.

Get involved…

If you want to register your business onto the website please follow the link below. Remember it is free to join!

Submit your organisation today!


Start supporting…

We are asking the good folk of Lichfield and the surrounding areas to get involved too. You can help by visiting the site to see how you can best support those companies registered on it. This might be leaving an online review, ordering online or sharing a referral. Each business has its own needs and there are different ways you can help.

Visit the Support Lichfield website


If you have any queries about the Support Lichfield website please call a member of the Raphael Design team 07770 424950 or send an email.

By the way, It does not matter if your business is not located in Lichfield, you are still more than welcome to join. You never know it may help. We’re in this together!


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