In the past few years there has been an increasing level of concern about the impact we are having on our planet through our lifestyle choices, what we consume, what we buy and how we dispose of it. Last year the TV series Blue Planet II in particular highlighted the impact of single use plastic and the potential adverse effect it has on polluting our oceans, causing the rise in the media of the so called #theAttenborougheffect.

These environmental concerns are influencing the way marketing materials are produced and what they are made of. This is reflected in areas including printed material, promotional gifts and corporate wear.


Be Better with our Bio Laminate!

Last year we announced that and nettl would be using bio friendly laminate throughout their entire range of printed products. What this means is for any product that has a gloss, matt or soft touch laminate or even one involving spot UV highlights, Bio Laminate will be used produce this finish. This includes Business Cards, Leaflets, Menus, Brochures, Scratchcards, Invitations, Folders and more.

The Bio Laminate has the same high quality finish as the regular laminate. However when a piece of print now comes to the end of its useful life, both the card and its Biodegradable laminate will decompose. Within two years it’s gone, leaving no trace of any contaminants in the soil. This is unlike standard laminate that unfortunately does not decompose after use and as a result is considered a contaminant of recycled waste.


Special Offer This Month

This month to help you ‘do your bit to help the planet’ you can receive up to £20 off selected bio laminate business cards from the range. Choose from a matt laminate finish or add shiny spot UV highlights too. Please call the office on 01543 261220 or email us to receive a leaflet giving you more details or just click the link below. Please note this offer is available on all orders placed by 31st March 2019.

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